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A new protection format has been created which allows authors to post and sell eBook software that can be viewed at sea without internet access being needed for verification of the user's license or registration. These files are purchase and linked to ONE computer for protection of the author's work.

This software comes in TWO versions. DRM (Digital Rights Management) does require Internet Access to view the file. APM (ArtistScope Portable Media) does NOT require Internet Access to view the file. The user needs to register their WINDOWS OPERATING COMPUTER or Mac Book Pro computer running Parallels and with Windows installed as a Virtual Machine (VM) and to purchase and download a desired eBook, which normally has an EXCERPT file for the user to view PRIOR to buying the full book. An email is then sent to the Author requesting a "token" file which links the file and the computer together. BOTH the document eBook file and "token" file MUST be stored in the same folder or subdirectory. These files CANNOT be copied or distributed to others as they are LOCKED into the ONE computer's hard drive. If a user purchases a NEW hard drive or computer, then they just need to request that the "token" file for their computer be transferred to another computer (ONLY ONE AT A TIME). Files can be backed up for archive purposes.

Author's can feel confident that their effort to produce and publish an eBook without risk of it being distributed to others is protected. The author pays to www.Lapware-StudyAids.org a fee of $500 per year to post their eBook(s) and ALL SALES - 100% of the cost of the eBooks sold - is paid directly to the Author through their PayPal account. The server receives NOTHING from any book sold by an author other then the cost to post and maintain the file. For more information PLEASE contact the administrator of this server (Richard Plant - rm.plantmd@gmail.com).

We hope you find this protected software beneficial and it is my hope that MORE authors (instructors) or otherwise, will consider publishing their course training materials which can be initially given away during a course, but with an expiration date set at the date of the final exam. After that, if students
or wish to continue to have access to the course eBook, they can then pay the cost as set by the Author.

Author's can control to whom they wish to allow their books to be sold by supplying to JUST THEIR DESIRED the URL to access and download the file and later receive a "token" for viewing.

ONCE an eBook is purchased, even if the author pulls down his original file, the end user still has rights to access and continue to view the file purchased. If an author updates their eBook(s) with minor changes or corrections, that update can be provided FREE to subscribers. For a MAJOR update, the author has the right to request end to purchase the update, if desired, and the wish to get the latest version available.

There is NO OTHER software that protects files from being distributed to others as this DRM - APM file software does. Remember, a FREE web browser and reader are required to be downloaded to accomplish this protection. These files are available from the www.LAPWARE-StudyAids.org website.

Again, any questions, please contact Richard Plant (rm.plantmd@gmail.com).


Richard Plant
President, LAPWARE, LLC

Submitted by: Richard Plant on 2013-12-20

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