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Engineering-Book 12-Electricity - USCG Licenses 
Author: Richard Plant and Alan Gillis
Engineering-Book 12-Electricity - USCG Licenses
Displays the National Maritime Center 5/2/2014 Engineering Electricity questions and all available illustrations referenced by the questions. Pure WINDOWS based computers with Internet Access required

$ 30.00

The U.S. Coast Guard published their questions for Deck and Engine license exams on 9/20/2013. This eBook covers the Electricity (Book 12) and update to the NMC database on 5/2/2014 (for Electricity only) and contains all questions organized in an orderly fashion with the correct (keyed) answers located on the bottom of the page. Any question referencing a diagram has a link to the diagram(s) located at the end of the eBook. Bookmarks are also provided for easier navigation, if desired.

It is strongly recommended that download the FREE proprietary Copy Safe PDF Reader, install it on your computer and also download a Sample Excerpt file of the eBook you wish to purchase to see how this purely WINDOWS based eBook and Reader work PRIOR to purchasing any eBook. Internet Access is required to view the files. However a new program is being developed that will allow you to view eBook files without Internet Access. A posting will be made when this program and our eBooks for this program are available. Presently, it is expected that mid-2014 will be the availability date.

This eBook is one of five books being created for Engineers covering ALL USCG National Maritime Center (NMC) questions and available illustrations contained within each book as referenced by the questions. The subject matter will be eBook 11-General Subjects, eBook 12-Electricity, eBook 13-Steam Plants, eBook 14-Motor Plants and eBook 15-Engineering Safety. EACH eBook will be sold for $30 and the benefit of having an Engineering Instructor Alan Gillis review the eBooks and illustrations gives great credibility to the eBooks we have developed. We hope that all find these eBooks beneficial in the study for your Engineering license exam.
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Item: Engineering-Book 12-Electricity - USCG Licenses
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