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49 CFR OCT 2016 Volumes 1-2-EXCERPT 
Author: Richard Plant
49 CFR OCT 2016 Volumes 1-2-EXCERPT
49 CFR October 2016 Volumes 1-2 are bookmarked and linked. For WINDOWS Computers and MAC running Parallels with Windows on a Virtual Machine. EXCERPT Version - Internet access required.

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This EXCERPT eBook displays the 49 CFR October 2016. The 2 Volumes, as posted by the Government Printing Office (GPO) are included, as allowed in the exam room, but in hard copy. The GPO hard copy cost $75. This eBook allows one to learn the use of the CFRs, where the different Volume and Part numbers are, and can be easily searched using the Search button. The use of the BACKSPACE (Windows) or DELETE (MAC) key allows the user to return to the previous page viewed. ONLY Volume 1 Parts 1 to 10 are complete in this EXCERPT file, and Volume 2 Part 105.

The UPPER RIGHT LAPWARE logo takes the user to the FULL BOOK Table of Contents.

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All Part numbers within each Volume are linked from that Volume's Table of Contents.

Two versions are available for purchase for a WINDOW and MAC computer (running Parallels with Windows on a Virtual Machine). The eBook file(s) cannot be distributed, printed or modified in any way and can only be used on one computer as purchased.

1) DRM Digital Rights Management Requires the FREE download of the CopySafe PRO PDF Reader. This eBook file REQUIRES an INTERNET ACCESS for verification of the user and viewing of the file. DRM file names can be changed. Costs $5.15.

2) APM ArtistScope Portable Media Requires the FREE download of the APM Web Browser and the APM Reader. This APM version requires the user to FIRST register his/her computer via the APM Web Browser. Then they can purchase eBooks in APM format, as desired. A zip file containing the eBook and a "token" file is sent to the user and both must be installed in the same folder and their names cannot be changed. These files CAN BE VIEWED WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS. Costs $10.31
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