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Bowditch Table II-1981-APM 
Author: Richard Plant
Bowditch Table II-1981-APM
Contains the ENTIRE 1981 Bowditch Table II with over 18,500 links and over 220 bookmarks for ease in use and navigating the book. Internet Access is NOT required to view this eBook.

$ 10.31

This 1981 Bowditch Table II is still being used by the USCG NMC for their credential exams. This eBook version provided in both a DRM (requires Internet Access for viewing) and APM (does NOT require Internet Access for viewing) formats are available at a reasonable cost to the user.

There are hundreds of bookmarks and thousands of links to the various Tables and Chapters. Each Table's first page is linked back to the "Explanation of Tables" for that specific table for you to make use of and understand the table easier. Each page has a LOGO in the upper right corner returning you to the Table of Contents (consisting of 2 pages).

What more can be said. It is the Bowditch Table II - 1981 book used in the taking of the exams but in an eBook format easily carried with you on your computer. Your computer must be either a PURE WINDOWS operating computer or a MAC BOOK PRO running Parallels with Windows installed on a Virtual Machine (VM).

BOTH the DRM (requires Internet Access) and APM (does NOT require Internet Access) versions are available along with an Excerpt file for review or for demonstration of how the full versions work.

DRM costs $5.15. APM costs $10.31.
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