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Pub 229 Sight Reduction Vol 1 Lat 00-15-APM 
Author: Richard Plant
Pub 229 Sight Reduction Vol 1 Lat 00-15-APM
HO 229 Vol 1 Latitude 00 to 15 degrees is a Sight Reduction manual for Latitudes 00 to 15 degrees. Over 12,800 links have been added to this eBook to make it easier to navigate.

$ 10.31

eBooks are available in TWO formats DRM ($5.15) and APM ($10.31). Provided are all HO 229 volumes sold individually or ALL in ONE eBook. All are reasonably priced. APM eBooks can be viewed at sea without Internet Access.

A unique header is added to each Sight Reduction page to allow jumping from the lower degrees of Latitude to the higher degrees of Latitude, and back again. The top corners of the page contains an IT Interpolation Table link and a LAPWARE logo link to the Table of Contents. The center header is an easy way to jump to pages referencing 000 to 090 of LHA in 10 degree increments. Below those links each of the 11 degree ranges are broken down to display the left (SAME NAME) page or the right (SAME/CONTRARY NAME) page.

ALL LAPWARE Study Aid eBooks allow the use of the BACKSPACE (WINDOWS) or DELETE key (MAC Book Pro if running Parallels with WINDOWS installed as a Virtual Machine), to take the user to the previous page displayed. No other operating system will view these files.

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